Die Cast Business and Invest

Is it true that buy diecast and investment instruments could make higher profits than investment gold? There may be truth in this statement. Basically, hobby-based products will have a high value in the eyes of penghobinya. Of course this will be very different from the Gold, where the value will always be the same for anyone.

But on the other hand, could be a diecast one attractive investment instrument. Why? there are some things that can be your consideration the following:

Diecast price never drops lower than their initial investment. If in 2010 the price was in the range of 17-19 Hotwheels thousand, then in 2014 the official hotwheels price has reached Rp. 24.900. even in some of the hypermarkets has been sold at a rate of 33 thousand. Even Diecast particular series has a higher resale value than other series. Call it like a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini, Datsun, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, or Honda that cost could go up each year. Check the place to get more info here at penginapanbdg.blogspot.com

Diecast is a niche market with a product that is very sharp. If hotwheels purchased by the children, then he will be a product that is no more than just a toy. But if the buyer an adult, then the product was already in the area Collectible items, so it can no longer be called a toy, but rather a collection.

Diecast produced in limited numbers in each series. this makes it a Limited Product. And Limited products that meet the growing market will generate high value.

Diecast particular series will have a resale value much higher than the official price, even since the product was released. For example, issuing a series Hotwheels cars with rubber tires on the sidelines of its regular product known as Superized Treasure Hunt (TH $). Diecast model TH $ similar to the regular version, also sold at the same price as the regular version. However, very limited print $ TH (supposedly 1 pcs TH $ 500s sandwiched between regular products). so the current official price yet only 24,900 on the same day since it was first purchased, it can be sold again at a price of 150-250 thousand.

Hotwheels Special brands, when there is a product that can officially called "defective", the price will also be higher than the official price. For example, the tires are swapped, no car glass, damaged paint, etc. ... this is because there are certain markets that are collecting hotwheels are in a state of "error".

Storing Hotwheels in good condition, then sell it on the 1-2tahun then, the increase will be higher than the annual inflation rate. For example, Indonesia's inflation reached 12%. Diecast Then we buy now at prices 25 thousand next year could be sold for 30-35 thousand (note: not "most wanted product"). kenaiknya 5 thousand dollars is equivalent to 20%, higher than the 12% inflation. What about gold? Gold is not an investment instrument that can be stored 1-2 years. Especially if it was the trend, gold prices could fall even lower than when you bought it. Although in general the longer the period of the gold to trend upwards.

Capital required to start a business is not expensive diecast. Because of the capital's most important is your knowledge about the values ​​held by each series. You can start by looking in the diecast toy stores or hypermarkets nearby, and select the product that is high value. Although the official price of 24.900, you can sell at a price of 30 thousand or more depending on the value of each item. This is different to buy Gold where you need at least 500K to buy 1 gram of gold (which is also quite hard to find because of gold bullion in the form of 1gram not printed in large quantities).

With a series of advantages that pinned the diecast toys, opened a lucrative business opportunity to try. But the formula remains the same: running a business requires a high product knowledge. If not, then you can be one step. It could be that you have an actual diecast sold high, but you can sell them at low prices and vice versa.